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Pet Friendly Hotels and TravelMore and more hotels and accommodations are opening their doors to pet travelers and hanging a sign that says “Pet Friendly.”  The truth of the matter is that they have to do more than that to get four-legged guests and their people to come through their doors.

In a recent survey, we asked our site visitors and pet travel club members what attracts them to pet friendly accommodations enough to book a stay.  The results are in…and here are the top 5!

1.  Low or No Pet Fee
Let’s face it, everyone is looking for a deal these days – the biggest bang for their buck.  People traveling with their pets are no exception.  They are more likely to book at a pet friendly accommodation where pets stay free or with a very reasonable pet fee.  Those surveyed said that high pet fees or pet “cleaning” fees make them do an about face and look elsewhere.

2.  Pet Welcome Gift
Whether it’s some scrumptious dog treats, a Frisbee, ball, cat-nip, or chew toy – pet parents love it when their pet is welcomed with open arms.  Being greeted at check-in with a thoughtful welcome gift for Fido or Fluffy goes a long way in winning the hearts (and bookings) of those traveling with their four-legged kids.

3. Paper Concierge
How incredibly helpful would it be to check in to a pet friendly hotel or accommodation and be handed a “paper concierge” with all the pertinent information you’ll need for your pet while you’re in town?  Like local vets, groomers, pet stores, dog parks, pet sitters, doggie day cares, etc…  What a convenience for pet travelers! Not to mention, a thoughtful and caring gesture to reinforce loyalty and repeat customers.

Dog Potty Area4.  Poop Place
Seems obvious, right?  You’d be surprised!  Our traveling pet parents sited a designated place for their pets to relieve themselves as a key factor in selecting pet friendly accommodations.  Many pet friendly hotels and accommodations have patches of grass throughout the parking lot that dogs have to use to go potty — or a spot in the back that they have to share with smokers.  Not very “pet friendly.”  A designated dog potty area (complete with poop bags and trash) is a “must have” for people traveling with pets.

5.  Clean Room
It’s true!  Pet traveler’s parents are tired of getting stuck in smoking rooms or stinky, unkempt rooms.  They are paying just as much as the next guy for a room (often times more) and they’d like to get an equally clean and hygienic room.

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