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Dog Friendly Wineries

If you just want to drink wine and hang out with your dog, then you’ve come to the right place! With our new directory of dog friendly wineries, you can now enjoy sampling fine wines at some of the best vineyards in the land! And as a bonus, you can have your doggo by your side. Wine connoisseurs, and just plain wine lovers, are finding that many wineries across the U.S and Canada are welcoming furry guests. Some even go out of their way to welcome their four-legged patrons as much as their two-legged parents!

Dog Friendly Wineries

What Makes a Winery Dog Friendly

Wineries that welcome furry guests have varying policies on where your pup can join you on the property. While some dog friendly wineries simply allow your pooch to accompany you on a tour of the vineyard, others go beyond that by offering extra perks to welcome your dog.  Also, most will provide water bowls for your pups, but some step it up a notch and offer things like homemade treats and enclosed areas where your dog can run and play while you enjoy a few sips of your favorite Chardonnay. And many even welcome pups in the tasting rooms!

Barrel Oak Winery located in Delaplane, Virginia is one of those wineries that goes the extra mile for doggos.  You and your pooch can kick back and enjoy a picnic or some Frisbee on their beautiful grounds. Then you both can pop inside for a bit of wine tasting.  You’ll find dog friendliness fills their atmosphere, with dog photos adorning the walls and dogs being welcomed in most areas.  Barrel Oak was even listed in American Winery Guide as one the most dog friendly wineries. 

Another winery that displays its true love of dogs is Mutt Lynch Winery in Windsor, California.  They offer hand-crafted wines with dog-gone awesome labels, and even allow people to have their own dogs featured on their custom-label wine!  They tout that people are welcome, preferably with a dog or two by their sides.  Among their dog-centric amenities are the “Hound Lounge”, complimentary dog treat flights, as well as gift shop filled with dog inspired products.

Dog Friendly Wineries

Sniffing out Dog Friendly Wineries

You’re not just in Napa anymore! Wineries are popping up all across the United States and Canada. Many understand that sipping a Pinot with your pup is much more enjoyable, so they’ve opened their doors to welcome you BOTH!

With over 350 wineries, we have the largest directory of pup friendly wineries in the United States. And although Canada does not boast as many wineries as the U.S., our Canadian directory continues to grow! So, whether you prefer white or red, earthy or oaky, thick legs or thin, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our comprehensive dog friendly winery listing.

In addition to the basics (location, map, and website), each listing includes a brief description of what’s special about that particular winery.

Dog Friendly Wineries

Sommelier’s Doggie Etiquette

As with any dog friendly attraction, it is important for you as a pet parent to make sure you and your pooch follow a winery’s rules. Of course, common sense rules should always apply, like picking up after your pet.  However, some wineries may offer additional restrictions, such as keeping your dog on a certain length leash or making sure he is not barking loudly. Making sure you follow the rules helps to ensure all dogs continue to be welcome.

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