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Every year, our friends at the Go Pet Friendly blog host a “getting to know you” series called the “Pet Blogger Challenge” where the writers of pet blogs come together and share a bit about themselves. Fidose of Reality is jumping in this year so that you, our loyal readers since 2011, can get to know what goes on behind the “green curtain,” along with some fun facts and dog news to get excited about as we wag into 2015.

QUESTION: How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone stopping by for the first time, please give us a quick description of what your blog is about.

FIDOSE SAYS: I’ve been writing my entire life: As far back as I can remember, I’ve been in love with the written/typed word. The library and my diary were two of my closest friends. In terms of formal blogging as an adult, I created a blog in 2009 for a fledgling dog magazine that never had a blog until I came along. That blog ended up winning “best dog blog” honors within two years under my direction and leadership.

I’ve blogged for clients and continue to do so, but my main passion is my blog: Fidose of Reality. Fidose of Reality is a reality-based health and wellness resource for dog lovers of the highest order.  My heart beats dog™ and that’s our trademark.

QUESTION: Tell us one thing that you accomplished on your blog during 2014 that made you proud.

FIDOSE SAYS: Fidose of Reality is a nominee for the dog blog of the year from the Dog Writer’s Association of America. I am incredibly proud of this as well as moving forward with the fundraising arm of our blog, which is Wigglebutt Warriors. Here’s our big gala event from 2014 which garnered approximately $30,000 for Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue:

QUESTION: What lessons have you learned this year – from other blogs, or through your own experience – that could help us all with our own blogs?

FIDOSE SAYS: Join the BlogPaws Community. For those unfamiliar, BlogPaws is a 24/7/365 resource for pet bloggers and microbloggers and those who want to blog: No matter what level. Even if blogging isn’t your “thing,” there is something to be learned for pet rescues, folks who blog on micro-blogging only (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

BlogPaws also hosts a yearly conference, and these conferences have changed my life. The seventh BlogPaws Conference takes place May 28-30 in Nashville, Tennessee. With each conference, I felt the excitement build. I realized what networking can do for my blog, my career, and for general overall good community building. Plus, I have amazing friendships. Going face-to-face with brands and bloggers of all levels has been phenomenal, as each conference is a new experience over three days.

I now work as the PR and Marketing Manager for BlogPaws. If there is one investment you make in yourself and your blog this year, make it coming to Nashville from May 28-30, 2015. Here’s a sampling of what happens at this life-changing conference (oh, and did I mention it’s pet friendly with most meals included, all under one roof):

QUESTION: What have you found to be the most successful way to bring traffic to your blog, other than by writing great content?

FIDOSE SAYS: Being active on the right social media for the right amount of time: For us, that includes Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc. It also means networking: Networking face to face is so essential. That’s why conferences like BlogPaws mean a lot. I work remote and working telecommute means being able to connect IRL (in real life) to help form and continue online relationships.

QUESTION: What was your most popular blog post this year? Did it surprise you that it was your most popular?

FIDOSE SAYS: The most popular in terms of traffic has been a series of posts regarding ACL injuries and subsequent conservative management and surgery x 2.

It did not surprise us that this was the most popular of our posts because ACL injuries are very common and all too frequent. The ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament of a dog’s rear legs. When it ruptures or tears, the pain and problems begin. According to the board certified orthopedist who performed both of our dog’s surgeries on separate occasions, ACL repairs account for at least 70 percent of their practice’s surgical procedures. You can read more about ACL injuries and our road(s) to recovery here.

QUESTION: What was your favorite blog post to write this year?

FIDOSE SAYS: Personally, the post about getting married is my favorite.

QUESTION: Has your policy on product reviews and/or giveaways changed this year?


QUESTION: If you do reviews, what do you find works best, and what doesn’t work at all?

FIDOSE SAYS: Honestly, transparency, and video/imagery of the product in action.


QUESTION: What’s your best piece of advice for other bloggers?

FIDOSE OF REALITY: Three pieces of advice:

1.  Have a blogging business plan and stick to it.

2. Join the BlogPaws Community and come to the Conference in May.

3. Have a blogging schedule and stick to it. If you want it, work for it and don’t wish for it: Success can be yours!

QUESTION: What goals do you have for your blog in 2015?

FIDOSE OF REALITY: Writing a book and continuing to grow and save dogs’ lives.

QUESTION: If you could ask the pet blogging community for help with one challenge you’re having with your blog, what would it be?

FIDOSE OF REALITY: I don’t have anything at this time.

Here are some pet blogging buddies who are taking the pet blogging challenge for 2015 with us:

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