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Do you love yoga? And cute animals? How about a combination of the two? If so, then it’s time to give goat yoga a try!

Goat yoga is much more than just stretching and meditating – practicing child’s pose and downward facing dog with a furry “kid” next to you (or in your lap) is a great way to connect with nature. And, it’s fun!

Where Did Goat Yoga Begin?
Back in 2016 on a farm in Oregon is where goat yoga got its start. It’s popularity quickly spread with yogis and nature lovers, and it’s been growing ever since! Those who love yoga, love spending time with animals and in nature, and like to search for unique ways to soothe their souls are drawn to goat yoga. There’s something truly calming about spending time out in the fresh air, on a farm, with cute and friendly goats!

What’s a Goat Yoga Class Like?
Goat yoga is popular among advanced goat enthusiasts as well as beginners. An instructor leads the class, much the same as a traditional yoga class; however, goat yoga is typically held outside in an enclosed space – and includes cute and cuddly goats, of course! Classes held in different locations may include baby goats, adults, or a mix of both. There is usually a small fee to try the class, which helps to support the farm and raising the goats.

What Will the Goats Do?
The goats in a goat yoga class will usually wander through the class and interact with the participants, on their own terms. Some are very friendly and will roam around while the instructor leads the class, and may come up to the yogis to give a soft nudge. If they’re lively and playful, they may climb up on a yogi’s back, which offers a great back massage by the way! And, this is not uncommon; the goats are known to hop on participants’ backs, usually during certain poses like downward dog and plank. The goats also join in by walking through legs, laying on mats, and even cuddling up on laps!

Is Goat Yoga a Thing Everywhere?
The goat yoga trend has caught on across much of the U.S. The classes are usually held at goat farms on a seasonal basis. Some farms have set schedules, and others have pop-up classes. Social media events are a great way to find out about classes, especially the pop-up ones. We found many farms across the country that offer regularly-scheduled goat yoga classes; here are just a few:

Ranked in the top 10 things to do in AZ, Arizona Goat Yoga offers year-round goat yoga classes. Classes are held at The Welcome Home Ranch in Gilbert, AZ, and there are many fun class options, such as 80’s Goat and Hawaiian Baby Goat!

When visiting Durham, NC, check out Hux Family Farm for traditional goat yoga classes. Plus, they have a wide variety of options, including Yin Yoga with Goats, Guided Meditation with Goats, and even Stress Relieving with Goats.

Don’t miss Houston’s top-rated goat yoga experience at Goat Yoga Texas. They have classes open to the public on most weekends at Victoria’s Natural Market in Northwest Houston, TX.  They even offer Mobile Goat Yoga and Mimosa Happy Hour!

Join a goat yoga class at Patty’s Parrot Palace for a lovely outdoor experience with cute four-legged kids!  Located in Deland, FL, they have regular, weekly-scheduled goat yoga classes from September through December, and they also offer yoga with parrots!

Not far from Ozark, MO, you’ll find Seven Springs Farms in Fordland, MO.  It’s home to Goats and Yoga, held on their idyllic farm setting with adorable animals. Zen and joy unite here during their weekend goat yoga classes and their Bunny Meditation!

Hellerick’s Family Farm, located in Doylestown, PA (close to Horsham, PA), hosts seasonal goat yoga classes on weekends. This historic Bucks County farm offers unique and memorable experiences for both guests and the goats.

So, when you’re looking for a fun twist on yoga, get out there and give goat yoga a try! Namaste…or should we say Bahh-maste?!

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